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Passing Your Driving Test

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Learning how to drive is a brilliant experience however there is a shortage of decent information to help you decide which driving school to use, so I have decided to take a really open approach. Of course I want you to be phoning me and booking your lessons and I will be delighted to help you get your driving licence, but right now you need some answers, you need to know…

How to save money on lessons
How you can pass first time
What questions to ask a driving school

Below is all the information you are going to need…

The 3 steps to passing your driving test

The first step is to find the right driving school in Romford, now we think that’s us, we want you to pick up the phone and give us a call, but we know most customers will want to have a look around before making a final decision so what we are going to do is help you find the right driving school.

The problem that you have is a lack of understanding when it comes to asking the right questions to get the right answers for you. What you are likely to do is ask the driving school for their prices, pass rate, location and maybe the type of car, and the information given to you isn’t enough to help you decide who is definitely going to be the best. What you do in fact is go with a bit of gut feeling.
The questions you ought to ask are these.

1. How long have you been trading as a driving school for?
2. Who will be teaching me, you or someone else?
3. Is that person a fully qualified driving instructor or are they still in training?
4. What type of driving lessons do you offer?

5. What recent training have you undertaken?


Ok so let’s break this down a little, there is new information here that you will not have come across before. You will find some driving instructors have not yet qualified and that’s fine, but as long as you are aware of that.
All driving instructors are tested at intervals to ensure that they are still delivering quality training, but their last check could have been up to four years ago, what training courses have they taken since?
We also encourage you to ask what type of lessons are offered. All driving instructors pretty much agree the driving test is not sufficient because it does not cover driving at night, in bad weather or motorways. So all good schools will offer post test driving lessons. If they do not, don’t even look at them twice.

Can you see by asking these types of questions you are going to draw stronger conclusions in to which driving school you choose.

Step 2 – How To Pass First Time

This is a question on all the lips of learner drivers, and it’s partly because no one wants to fail, and we all want the best opportunities. Oh and who wants to fail and fail again?

The secret to passing first time is actually your first driving lesson in Romford, what the school should be doing is teaching you what the examiner needs to see from you.
Now it is the job of the driving examiner  to make sure you are a safe driver and that you can drive without any assistance, so what does it take to become a safe driver?

The driving examiner is going to look at 4 aspects of your driving, the first being about your attitude, do you want to be a safe driver? Then are you in control of the car at all times? Are able to spot hazards and avoid them. And are you obeying the Highway Code?

Now wouldn’t it make perfect sense if you practiced these four steps on everything you learned when learning to drive? Don’t you feel that this would make you a naturally safe driver with the ability to shine on the driving test?
Passing your driving test is not a game, you cannot fluke passing your driving test, but you can give yourself the best opportunity of passing by preparing properly.

Step 3 – Are you sure you are ready?

Many learner drivers are reliant on their Female Driving School in Romford saying if they are ready or not, but if you think about it, that’s not good enough. Surely the learner needs to know, its a part of fault analysis.

This is how we help you recognise that you are ready, it also helps you when you are driving so you can detect if you are getting things wrong or not. So here goes.

When you start learning to drive we will present you with a driving lesson syllabus, it lists all the activities you need to do in order to pass your driving test and you also grade your ability. The first level is when you are introduced to the skills, then the skills are developed with some assistance, until the final level is marked off when you can do the skill by yourself.

Before you go into your driving test you will have completed the syllabus but also you will have passed a mock driving test and you will be driving without the help of your driving instructor.

Looking back at yourself you can say you are prepared, you are ready and you have the confidence to go with it. You see learning to drive is not that complicated if you do it properly.

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