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Fast Pass Sundays 

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For those who don’t have much free time, but don’t want to take a year to pass
Fast Pass Sundays are unique to Lisles’s Driving School. They allow you to accelerate your learning in a 4 hour booster session. You can choose to do your whole course as Fast Pass sessions or do an occasional one alongside your normal lessons. Sessions are held on Sunday mornings between 9am and 1pm.
The session will include a 20 minute break, leaving 3 hours and 40 minutes of driving/learning time. Longer sessions are more beneficial than one hour sessions as a portion of each lesson is used for admin such as taking payment, booking your next lesson, filling in your progress card, as well as doing your cockpit drill; in a four hour session you will do all this just once instead of four times, leaving more time for learning. The sessions are very popular and subject to availability.

Power your way to the driving test with this special intensive session that will quickly boost your driving skills like no other training session.